Neurologic Physical Therapy

Neurologic Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, NY

Sometimes, your nervous system needs a little extra help getting back on track after disease or trauma affects its functionality. Neurologic physical therapy focuses on restoring patients’ mobility so they can improve their well-being and move forward in their lives. Learn more about neurologic physical therapy and how it can improve your life with Dr. Anna Kogan at Neurology Center of New York.

What is a neurologic physical therapy? 

A neurological physical therapist specializes in working with patients who have suffered some kind of damage to their nervous system. This could be from illnesses like stroke, epilepsy, Bell’s palsy, Alzheimer’s, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Neurological damage due to trauma can come from situations like injuries from a fall or sports injury, explosive blasts, or vehicle-related accidents.

How can neurological physical therapy help me? 

Your neurologist can help you improve or restore function and mobility lost to neurological damage. They will evaluate your physical and mental symptoms and take into account your medical and family history to ensure that they find a treatment plan that will benefit you. In some cases, physical therapy can eliminate the need for other, more invasive treatments like surgery or medications. Neurological physical therapy focuses on gaining long-term results by educating you on how the body works and how physical therapy benefits it.

What does neurological physical therapy treat? 

Neurological physical therapy can help treat countless neurological conditions. Patients who have suffered a stroke commonly use physical therapy to rehabilitate their bodies using specialized physical exercises tailored to their condition and situation. Thanks to advancements and extensive research in the field, neurological physical therapy is more effective than ever. Neurological physical therapy can also treat conditions like dizziness, which can cause falls which result in serious injuries. Neurological physical therapy can even help prevent these situations by catching and managing neurological issues early.

Interested in rehabilitating your mind?
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